Hello, you've reached my Business Bliki (blog meets wiki kinda). In 2004 I co-founded a multi million dollar company (it has since sold!), and then went on to start my very own. Bixly is where my time is spent right now. It's multi-locale software shop based Fresno California. I has reached multi-million dollar status despite a down economy. I hope some of the writings you find will help your organization do the same.

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We Released a new project: NebriOS

We Released a new project: NebriOS

 This project has been a long time in the making. It's a Python rule engine to help create process driven apps quickly. 

That is a lot to wrap your head around. Think about areas where Business Process Management is needed, or home automation, or the like, and that's where Nebri can fit it. 

Check it out at http://nebrios.com. 

Sep 2014 Update

I hadn't updated this website for a while and was having a good time looking over old articles. I found this one a year after first writing it. We have been "releasing" Nebri since then, in our own way. We are still working on finding customers. The main way towards this is to build loads of examples and get our organic searches up, along with engaging various social or professional networks. It's so much work! But we have to give this thing an honest shot since know how well it can meet needs. 

I hope I don't find this article in another year from to tell you about some terribly expensive lesson I learned. Right now I think it's a risky project, but a calculated risk. We are trying to just make it work, just get customers to tell us what they think, just use it for ourselves, just.... But this is a VERY complex project. 

Crossing fingers here.



Slight fight is the feeling of being slightly in a fight. It's a killer. Let me explain why it makes you more stressed, less effective, and generally hurtful. 

There is a beauty about being in a fight. Our bodies gain strength from a good fight. I personally love Brazilian jiu jitsu. When you are getting chocked out by a smaller opponent that shouldn't be beating you, your body goes into freak out mode. You fight and loose, and go home. Your body heals for a few days. Muscles grow, bones get dense, lungs expand, fat gets burned for energy. 

I love not fighting also. Watching a funny movie, chilling with friends, teaching my children about carving wood. Most of my life is in this mode, not fighting. BUTTTT.....

The worst mode, one which I find myself in way too much, is the SlightFight. I am typing this now thinking about making my blog better than all the others. I might watch a movie and think how it could appeal to wider audience only if... I sit in church and think about how unprofessional the transition is. My body tenses up because I am sending it signals to fight. 

Let me put a few quotes/notes together for you from Control Theory by William Glasser. By the way, "Old Brain" is very much like Kahneman's System 1. 

Alan, the heart attack victim, fantasized about strangling his boss for years. His old brain pumped his heart faster and introduced blood clotting tools so he could withstand a fight.  This happened for years. His old brain pumped his heart faster and introduced blood clotting tools so he could withstand a fight.  this happened for years.

 Labeling something as bad if its just something we don't want is harmful.

True conflict - you have a choice to make that will let you or someone else down.

False conflict - self imposed standards or being under someones screen of conflict.

Your pictures are created by you.  Just like rooting for a certain team, and being disjointed when they loose, you only have pictures you put in.  Only the breathing picture is necessary, all the others are optional.  choose ones that are attainable, and do things that are satisfying.

Okay, that wasn't as clear as I was hoping. Man that was a good book though. But back to my point!

If you make everything into a fight, your body gets tired of fighting. You can only exist in a slightfight state. Think about the real fights you have gone through and you know that your body can't handle that for long. 

This topic brings me to contrast. Be a great fighter, and be a great non-fighter, but please don't live in the land of slightfight. It's harsh and lonely and kills the body and soul early. 


Biota and hierarchy

From WHFoods:

One research study tracked a population of 162 very elderly people for five years. The incidence of death for those subjects who ate yogurt and milk more than three times per week was 38% lower than the incidence of death those subjects who ate yogurt and other dairy foods less than once a week. 

Consider that we have have around 50:1 to 100:1 ratio of bacteria to living cells in our body. Meaning, our biota is better represented by "bacteria" than living cells. Granted they are smaller than our cells, and our cell mass is more weighty overall than theirs. 

Since we can't even prevent the common cold, or understand why yogurt can fend off death, I suspect these bacteria, and the complicated interactions therein, will continue to baffle us for many many decades if not centuries to come. I think humans will always think in hierarchical models, while everything dominating us (like worms in our grave) will follow much simpler rules.

Rather than being baffled by them, I am embarking on an experiment to embrace them. It's starting with heirloom yogurt cultures. More of the good stuff, less of the bad.  This blog just got weird, sorry.

This brings up the topic of Complex Adaptive Systems.  Some people approach it wanting to fully understand them so they can be easily predicted and controlled.  There is another party though! One that embraces this statement:

"You think because you understand one you must understand two, because one and one makes two. But you must also understand "and". - Sufi Teaching

 These people know that CAS can never be fully understood because there are millions or trillions of individual agents acting for their own gain. Wheatley, in her most excellent book Leadership And The New Science falls into this camp. She describes her personal process seeing the flow of a complex system and swimming along the currents. Of course we can only see and work with the surface to start with. Once those are understood it's then possible to tweak a bit here or there to change the outcome. 

She goes on to describe how Quantum Imagery relates more to larger structures than we previously though, which throws prediction and replication out the door. Well, I guess I should stop for now and tell you to pick up the book


The President Is The Finest Salesmen

The President Is The Finest Salesmen

I would like to talk about the salesmen reality. Truth is, it's hard to get ahead without them. Also, we all kinda despise them. Salesmen don't even like salesmen. 

Think about the President. The rules of our society say this very clearly: The best salesmen win. It doesn't say the smartest win, or even the most attractive or effective. The rules say the best salesmen wins. That's why the very people that get elected in the country aren't those that have the richest history in helping humanity, but those that make you believe they deserve it. Sounds circular, but follow me. Did Bush or Obama accomplish anything of merit, besides outstanding salesmanship, before coming into office? Think about it. 

Who is writing these rules? I guess that would take more introspection, but I suspect it has something to do with the ever self defeating form of government called democracy. Sexy on the outside, but terminally ill. 

Is it an issue? Yeah, it is, because salesmen don't know crap.  It's not an insult. In order to be good at what they do, they need to study and master the art of sales. That is an art of skipping over certain truths and expressing, rewording what needs to be said in order to close the deal. For the salesmen isn't rewarded for being a organizational agent of health, but a spearhead of "growth". 

They are great for a certain job. The problem is they convince everyone around them they are good for all the other jobs. Remember: they don't know crap. 

I have had interactions with some of the finest salesmen. Some are so wonderfully intuitive, they can draw you into their own world and convince you of anything. And with the age of media salience we find ourselves, the salesmen win. 

Isn't it interesting the most despised professionals are used care salesmen, preachers, and policemen. They so often peddle things that are half truths, or espouse truths hypocritically. 

Nah, I don't like the rules of the game. I would like to see the next incarnation of humanity. Ruled by well ran corporations maybe? Benevolent dictators? It's all a pipe dream, but no harm in that.