Cure for Analysis Paralysis

It’s one thing to say “go big or go home”. That’s very different from doing it. Going big can mean many things, and they are generally all uncomfortable and perplexing. “Analysis Paralysis” comes to mind. See, the fighting instinct, the gamer, the world changer in us says to go big. And why not? Nothing important EVER happens without big moves.

I believe there two things you can do to effectively combat analysis paralysis.


 Understand the thing that is holding you back is human, and simple. It’s our overwhelming tendancy to weigh cons heavier than pros. In other words, we have an innate proclivity towards seeing potential losses worse then they really are. For example, studies have shown that the same opportunity presented in two different ways-one emphasizing the risks, the other the gains-are not seen as equals. That's called Negativity Bias. Crazy! But we all fall prey.

Take this quiz as an example: 

Would you rather save $5 on this purchase, or avoid a $5 charge?

Ovoid the $5 charge right? In reality, it just doesn't matter. One seems worse than the other, but they are exactly equal. See, the Negative Bias?Loss Aversion studies show us that we all value avoidance of loss over the value of gain. That means we would be more satisfied avoiding a $5 charge, than finding $5 in our back pocket. 

If you have objectively weighed both sides, pros and cons, sought council, found no valid contradictions, know everything adds up to your favor and STILL haven’t made the big move, this is why. You are doing something quite natural: surviving safely. Acknowledge and correct this human tendency and you can cure your analysis paralysis.


You gotta get a little less scientific for this one. I realized that a certain emotional state would allow me to overcome almost all the negative spin I naturally put on things, and look solely at the positive, and really feel connected with the outcome it could produce. It's a state of dropping everything trivial, and looking at the big picture with such positive light that forward movement becomes natural, and necessary, and perfect.  I know of two ways to get into this state:

  • Undergo dental work...or more preferably
  • Become well liquored

Every time I enter one of these states, second guesses are gone. I have already done the second guessing, I understand what could go wrong and can deal with it. But when I am here, I just don't care. The path ahead is so clear and obvious, I simply make a decision to move forward. 

Two Buck Chuck and a little understanding about our like a charm!



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